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Philips Imageo LED Tealights, Three-Set

Product Information:

  • Flickering light that is like real candle
  • LED technology
  • Waterproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Tilt to turn on and off
  • Product measurements L215 x W112 x H203 (mm)

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5 Responses to “Philips Imageo LED Tealights, Three-Set”

  1. Ade says:

    I havent used these enough yet to find out how reliable they are, battery use and charging times etc, but they’re a great design, simple and stylish. The two things I would change to make these more realistic though are the ‘flickering’ rate (far too frequent to the point of distraction) and the colour is too yellow – but they serve their purpose.

  2. M. Bleasdale says:

    These lights are perfect for us in our garden in Provence…………….

    We have a huge wind that comes down the Rhone called the ‘mistral’.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to have candles when we sit outside having dinner in the evening…………..these lights therefore are perfect.

    We also use them for nightlights in bathrooms and kids rooms.

    I have purchased about four sets and given them to friends as well.

  3. J. Holmes says:

    The product is great (I have got a set myself) but I bought these as a present for a friend and they just arrived in a plain white box with no instructions. It took the friend some while to work out what they were and how to switch them on.

  4. L. Tozeland says:

    I loved the firdt lot so much I went and got another set. The kids have the by the bed in case they wake in the night, Fantastic. Safe. Lovely realistic glow and just go out when they require charging.( around 30 + hours)

  5. S. Cochrane says:

    I had previously purchased the taller version of this item “Philips Imageo LED Rechargeable Candle Lights” and they worked great, however the Tealights version stopped working properly after the 30 day Amazon returns window. One of the tealights no longer charges and another will not turn off. I’m very disapointed in this product. If you are thinking of buying them you might be better off with a different version such as the Candle Lights, which I have enjoyed with no issues at all.

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