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PK Green Colour Changing LED Wax Pillar Candle, Mood, Relaxation Lighting

Product Information:

  • Create a perfect centerpiece or set the perfect mood for a special occasion with this led wax candle.
  • Watch as the internal LED changes colour and the amber LED located in the flame flickers.
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included) the LEDs in this candle give the appearance that the wax is changing colour.
  • Get the look and feel of a real wax candle without the burning flame or the hot dripping wax.
  • Safe for children and pets! Made of real wax! Whether it is for a gift, party, wedding, festival, Christmas, of just for decor we’re sure that this candle will be the perfect accessory.

Item Description

A real wax candle which changes colour when switched on. Watch how the bae of the candle magically changes colour and creates a fascinating array of colours to make a perfect relaxing mood. Get the amazing look and feel of real wax candles, and rest assured that there’s no danger of flames or dripping wax!

This realistic LED Colour Changing WAX Candle is great for decor, parties, weddings, festivals, and much more!

Inside the real wax exterior lies a flickering amber LED flame. The bottom half of the candle gradually changes colour from yellow, to orange, to green, to purple, to red!

Dimensions : – Height : 10.8cm, Diameter : 7.5cm

Quantity : 1

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