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Vanilla and Toffee Scented Pillar Candle – 7.5″

Product Information:

  • Scented Candle Pillar – Delicious Vanilla & Toffee Popcorn Scent
  • 7.5″ – Average Burn Time 100 hours
  • Palm Wax is an all natural, renewable material
  • Environmentally Friendly

Item Description

The warm aroma of Vanilla and toffee popcorn are combined together in this scented candle to create a soft relaxing atmosphere for your home.
Palm Wax is an all natural, renewable material that is dervived from the oil palm. It is a sustainable resource, thus being environmentally friendly.

Item Reviews

One Response to “Vanilla and Toffee Scented Pillar Candle – 7.5″”

  1. John Frum says:

    This candle, indeed the whole Fabu-licious range are lovely. It has subtle scents which suffuse the room gently – rather than the overpowering, localised pong some inferior candles give off. It lasts for ages, too, and the layers which produce different pleasing niffs periodically are a great idea – not unlike the idea behind those plug-in air fresheners which alter the hum once you get used to it.

    One other thing – as it burns, the wax melts evenly, so it always looks nice and you don’t get that lopsided medieval effect with rivulets of wasted vanilla-esque whiff pooling around its base.

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